Technical Visit
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We provide our participants with the opportunity of technical visit on a voluntary basis.

You are free to join the visit on the afternoon of May 29.

Visitors must register at the conference registration desk. Please note that the visit has a maximum capacity limit.


Route 1: Shanghai East Railway Station Project


Technical Visit Site: Construction site of Shanghai East Railway Station 

Gathering time and place: 13:30 PM, May 29 at Entrance A of the WH Ming Hotel

Introduction: Shanghai East Railway Station, located in Zhuqiao Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, is approximately 5 kilometers away from Terminal 1 of Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It is an integral part of the Shanghai eastern hub. The total construction area is 1.387 million square meters, with the high-speed railway station covering 160,000 square meters. The planned total scale of the national railway and urban railway marshalling yard is 15 platforms and 30 lines. Within the central area of 7 square kilometers designated for the Eastern Aviation City, the Shanghai East Station seamlessly integrates six major sections, orchestrating various resources to fulfill efficient urban functions. As a pivotal node for air passenger flow, it anticipates accommodating 120 to 140 million passengers annually. Shanghai East Railway Station is expected to start operation in 2027 and will achieve integrated air-rail operation in Pudong region for the first time.






Route 2: Tongji University Laboratory Tour


Technical Visit Site: Tongji University

Gathering time and place: 13:30 PM, May 29 at Entrance A of the WH Ming Hotel

Introduction: Tongji University is one of the leading universities directly under the State Ministry of Education in China. It offers degree programs both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Co11ege of Civil Engineering consists of the Department of Structural Engineering, the Department of Geotechnical Engineering, the Department of Bridge Engineering and Research institute of Structural Engineering and Disaster Prevention. We will visit the Department of Geotechnical Engineering, where a number of advanced geotechnical research facilities are housed, such as geotechnical centrifuge, High Temperature & Pressure EH Rock Triaxial Testing Apparatus, Triaxial Testing Apparatus for Unsaturated Soils, and physical model laboratory.

The "Multi-functional Shaking Tables Lab" of Tongji University was built in 2011. It consists of 2 areas: 1) the multiple shaking tables testing area and 2) the strong floor and reaction wall testing area. The multiple shaking tables testing system is composed of A (side table 30 ton), B (main table 70 ton), C (main table 70 ton), D (side table 30 ton) four shaking tables, two trenches (70m and 30m in length respectively) and one reaction wall. Multiple shaking tables can work in same way or with relative motion.