Invited Speakers
Conference Program Opening Ceremony Keynote Speakers Invited Speakers Special Events
Prof. Akm Badrul Alam
Military Institute of Science and Technology
Invited lecture title:Instability of shale at a slope: A case from Chattogram, Bangladesh

Prof. Mona Badr El-Din Anwar
German University in Cairo (GUC)
Invited lecture title:Expectations and Boundaries of Applying Machine Learning in Geotechnical Engineering

Dr.-Ing. Ba Trung Cao
Ruhr University Bochum (RUB)
Invited lecture title:Fusing simulation and monitoring data for applications in mechanized tunneling: A physics-informed machine learning approach

Prof. Dave Ta Teh Chang
Chung Yuan Christian University
Invited lecture title:Chemical and Mechanical Multi-Functioned stabilization on very wet soils with Incinerated Bottom Ash

Prof. Xuesong Cheng
Tongji University
Invited lecture title:System Safety Performance and Resilience of Deep Excavation and Underground Engineering

Prof. David Connolly
University of Leeds
Invited lecture title:Recent advances in railway geotechnics considering the impacts of climate change

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roberto Cudmani
Technische Universität München
Invited lecture title:Modelling the mechanical behaviour of artificially frozen coarse soils in geotechnical engineering problems

Prof. Sheng Dai
Georgia Institute of Technology
Invited lecture title:Micromechanical Properties of Granite at Elevated Temperatures

Prof. Pierre Delage
Laboratoire Navier – CERMES , École des Ponts ParisTech
Invited lecture title:The mechanical properties of the Martian soil at the InSight mission site

Prof. Zhen Guo
Zhejiang University
Invited lecture title:Soil-foundation interaction modelling for integrated dynamic behaviour of jacket offshore wind turbines

Dr. Zhongkai Huang
Tongji University
Invited lecture title:Seismic Resilience Assessment of Shield Tunnels in Soft Soils

Dr. Tatsuya Ishikawa
Hokkaido University
Invited lecture title:Performance evaluation of Pavement Structure in Cold Regions considering Climate Effects

Prof. Bo-An Jang
Kangwon National University
Invited lecture title:A new method to improve in-situ remediation of petroleum oil contaminated soil using plasma blasting, pneumatic fracturing and vacuum extraction

Prof. Fayun Liang
Tongji University
Invited lecture title:Scour Behavior and Bearing Performance Evolution in Deep Water Foundations: From Bridges To offshore Wind Turbines

Prof. Jinhui Li
Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)
Invited lecture title:Identification of potential landslides for large-scale regions

Prof. Liping Li
Shandong University
Invited lecture title:Intelligent construction equipment and robot technology for underground engineering

Dr. Xiaojun Li
Tongji University
Invited lecture title:TBD

Dr. Pengzhi Pan
Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Invited lecture title:Development of CASRock for Modeling of Multiple Fracture Interactions in Geological Media

Dr. Tong Qiu
Penn State University
Invited lecture title:Spatiotemporal Prediction of Rainfall-induced Landslides Using Machine Learning Techniques

Prof. Keh-Jian (Albert) Shou
National Chung-Hsing University
Invited lecture title:Advances of Trenchless Technology for Sustainable Underground Pipelines

Prof. Dong Wang
Ocean University of China
Invited lecture title:Interpretations of cone and ball penetration tests under partially drained conditions

Prof. Rui Wang
Tsinghua University
Invited lecture title:High performance solid-fluid coupled dynamic analysis of a mega underground complex

Prof. Fawu Wang
Tongji University
Invited lecture title:Rapid and Long Runout Landslides Triggered by Different Liquefaction Mechanisms

Prof. Hui Wang
Tsinghua University
Invited lecture title:Three-dimensional Stochastic Model for Stratigraphic Uncertainty Quantification Using Bayesian Machine Learning

Prof. Xinbao Yu
The University of Texas At Arlington
Invited lecture title:Three-dimensional Stochastic Model for Stratigraphic Uncertainty Quantification Using Bayesian Machine Learning

Prof. Xiong Yu
Case Western Reserve University
Invited lecture title:Holistic Multiphysics Simulations for Climatic Responses of Cold Region Infrastructure

Dr. Mark H. Wayne
Invited lecture title:Adoption of Composite Behavior in the Design of Geogrid Stabilized Granular Materials

Prof. Liam Wotherspoon
University of Auckland
Invited lecture title:Development of guidelines and standards for seismic design in New Zealand

Prof. Zhenyu Yin
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Invited lecture title:Practice of Machine Learning in Constitutive Modelling of Soils

Prof. Zhongxuan Yang
Zhejiang University
Invited lecture title:Developing a constitutive model for sand through stress probing analysis

Prof. Zhiguo Yan
Tongji University
Invited lecture title:Investigation on Multi-hazard Scenarios and Mechanical Properties of Shield Tunnel Linings

Prof. Fengshou Zhang
Tongji University
Invited lecture title:Geomechanics Challenges of Geo-energy Extraction and Storage in Sichuan Basin, Southwest China

Prof. Annan Zhou
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)
Invited lecture title:Constitutive modelling and numerical simulation of unsaturated soils