Keynote Speakers
Conference Program Opening Ceremony Keynote Speakers Invited Speakers Special Events
Prof. Andrew J. Whittle(Terzaghi Lecture)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Keynote lecture title:Soil Models in Prediction, Design and Geotechnical Problem Solving

Prof. Jie Han(Sun Jun Lecture)
University of Kansas
Keynote lecture title:Soil Arching: From fundamentals to applications

Ir. Chaido Doulala-Rigby
Keynote lecture title:Polymer Geogrid GeoStructures: from concept to perfection through lessons learnt and good practice

Prof. Sandra Houston
Arizona State University
Keynote lecture title:Key points for geotechnical engineers and students concerning unsaturated soils

Prof. Songyu Liu
Southeast University
Keynote lecture title:Innovative low Carbon techniques for ground improvement

Prof. Krishna R. Reddy
University of Illinois Chicago
Keynote lecture title:Innovative Biochar-Slag-Soil Cover System for Zero Emissions at Landfills

Prof. Marawan M. Shahien
Tanta University
Keynote lecture title:Pre and Post Construction Challenges of Problematic Ground Conditions in Arid Desert Areas

Prof. Erol Tutumluer
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Keynote lecture title:Assessment of Constructed Aggregate Layer Stiffness Characteristics using Bender Element Shear Wave Technology

Prof. Gioacchino Viggiani
Université Grenoble Alpes
Keynote lecture title:Recent developments in laboratory testing of geomaterials, with emphasis on imaging

Prof. Linbing Wang
The University of Georgia
Keynote lecture title:Digital Twin Approach for Geomaterial Design and Characterization

Prof. Chungsik Yoo
Sungkyunkwan University (Korea)
Keynote lecture title:Use of Digital Tools for Routine Geotechnical Design and Monitoring – Fundamentals and Challenges

Prof. Yong Yuan
Tongji University
Keynote lecture title:Seismic Performance of Underground Structures 1-g Shaking Table Tests

Prof. Gang Zheng
Tianjin University
Keynote lecture title:Deformation control of geotechnical engineering based on the system performance of geotechnical structures