Prof. Andrew J. Whittle
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Prof. Andrew J. Whittle(Terzaghi Lecture)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Keynote lecture title:Soil Models in Prediction, Design and Geotechnical Problem Solving

Prof. Andrew J. Whittle is the Edmund K. Turner Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT. His research deals with the development of constitutive models for soil behavior and their application in predicting the performance of foundations and underground construction projects. He is a licensed professional engineer and an active consultant who has worked on more than 30 major onshore and offshore construction projects. He was an expert involved in the investigations into the collapse of the Nicoll Highway (Singapore) and review panels for hurricane protection systems in New Orleans (NRC); ‘stem-to-stern’ safety of the Big Dig tunnels (Boston); and causes of construction delays for the XRL project (Hong Kong). He served on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts DOT (2009-2015). Dr Whittle has published more than 260 papers in refereed journals and conferences and received several awards for his research work and papers from ASCE. He is an Honorary Professor at Tsinghua University (2019) and was elected to the US National Academy of Engineering (2010). He is scheduled to present the 61st ASCE Karl Terzaghi Lecture (2024).