Prof. Yong Yuan
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Prof. Yong Yuan
Tongji University
Keynote lecture title:Seismic Performance of Underground Structures 1-g Shaking Table Tests

Dr Yuan Yong, full professor of Tongji University since 1996, obtained his first degree from Chongqing University in 1983 and PhD from Tongji University in 1991. Professor Yuan devoted most of his effort on computational approaches, experimental methods, and field practices of civil engineering, especially serviceability of underground facilities. He developed experimental principle of shaking-table array to simulate propagation of strong earthquake, and then accomplished non-uniform response tests of long-tunnel such as immersed tunnel of Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau (HZM) linkage, the Yangtze River Tunnel, and the others not only limited to underwater tunnels but Highway Tunnels, GIL ultra-high voltage power transmission tunnels, and water conveyance tunnels. Furthermore, he contributed to the design guidelines of earthquake engineering. In the view of survivability of structures from its very beginning to in service, he has contributed a multi-field computational model of concrete structure at early-age till its evolution with time. The successful applications were contributed to the construction of Shanghai Tower, Hongqiao Transportation Hubs, large underground space of EXPO 2010, and others. Furthermore, theory of state-oriented maintenance was initiated for the decision-making of infrastructures in operation. He was awarded more than twenties times for his contribution. Now, he still actively focuses on the mechanism of phase change processes, whether material or structural and functional effects, such processes like sand liquefication under earthquake and hardening of 3D-printing concrete with temperature.

Professor Yuan is currently the director of Sino-Austria Research Center on Tunnel and Underground Engineering (ACTUE) and Sino-Belgium Joint Laboratory of Industrialized Construction (LIC). He also serves as members of several international academic organizations such as European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA), Committee on Education and Training of International Tunnelling Association (ITA-CET), Performance Committee of federal Internationale de Beton (fib), and others. Editorial board members of Engineering Structures, Structural Concrete, Scientific Reports, and Guest Editor of Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering.