Prof. Linbing Wang
Ir. Chaido Doulala-Rigby Prof. Jie Han Prof. Sandra Houston Walter I. Paniagua Prof. Krishna R. Reddy Prof. Marawan M. Shahien Prof. Erol Tutumluer Prof. Gioacchino Viggiani Prof. Linbing Wang Prof. Andrew J. Whittle Prof. Chungsik Yoo
Prof. Linbing Wang
The University of Georgia
Keynote lecture title:Digital Twin Approach for Geomaterial Design and Characterization

Abstract: Geomaterials including asphalt concrete, cement concrete and human-augmented soils share a common granular skeleton but different cementing materials. The design of such materials therefore often follows similar procedures. Digital twin approach represents configuration and interaction in digital forms and has enabled material design, characterization and performance modeling with multiscale simulations. The presentation will present an overview of the digital twin approach, its applications in asphalt concrete mix design and performance predictions, and performance prediction of concrete under extreme loadings.

Bio: Prof. Linbing Wang is a professor and the director for the Sensing and Perception Lab, and the Safe and Green Mobility Living Lab at University of Georgia. He is the founding chair of the Committee on Mechanics of Pavements, former Chair of the Nanomechanics and Micromechanics committee, a Fellow of ASCE and EMI. Dr. Wang’s research interests include multiscale characterization, modeling and simulation; material genome and performance predictions; sensor and IoT sensor network for structural health monitoring; multiscale digital twin methods for materials, structures and systems safety and resilience.