Prof. Akm Badrul Alam
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Prof. Akm Badrul Alam
Military Institute of Science and Technology
Invited lecture title:Instability of shale at a slope: A case from Chattogram, Bangladesh

Prof AKM Badrul Aalam, successfully obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering (PEng) with a specialized emphasis on Rock Mechanics, graduating from the esteemed Sustainable Resources Engineering Division, Hokkaido University, Japan in September 2014. After completing his doctoral studies, Professor Badrul took on the position of a researcher at Horonobe RISE in Hokkaido, Japan. This engagement endured for a duration of three and a half years, culminating in March 2018. Subsequently, commencing from April 2018, Prof Badrul, have occupied a faculty position within the Petroleum and Mining Engineering Department (PME) at the Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) in Bangladesh.

As part of his academic contributions, Prof Badrul, took the initiative to establish the Bangladesh Society for Rock Mechanics (BSRM). Presently, his scholarly focus centers on the domain of soft rock engineering, particularly directed towards comprehending the intricacies surrounding the stability of shale at slopes. His scholarly contributions encompass impactful publications, including numerous journal articles and conference proceedings, focused on rock mechanics and rock engineering.