Prof. Liam Wotherspoon
Prof. Akm Badrul Alam Prof. Bo-An Jang Prof. Dave Ta Teh Chang Prof. Mona Badr El-Din Anwar Prof. Pierre Delage Dr. Tatsuya Ishikawa Prof. Keh-Jian (Albert) Shou Dr. Mark H. Wayne Prof. Liam Wotherspoon Prof. Zhen-Yu YIN
Prof. Liam Wotherspoon
Newzealand geotechnical society
Keynote lecture title:Development of guidelines and standards for seismic design in New Zealand


“Liam is a Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Auckland. His research focuses on the intersection of the built environment and various natural hazards. He is an Associate Director of Te Hiranga Rū QuakeCoRe, the national centre of research excellence in earthquake resilience and is a member of the New Zealand Geotechnical Society management committee.”


Invited lecture Title:

Development of guidelines and standards for seismic design in New Zealand



Seismic design and assessment play an important role in geotechnical practice in New Zealand. Recent earthquakes have highlighted the significant damage that may develop, from liquefaction-induced damage to residential construction, through to landslide-induced damage to infrastructure networks. These events have led to the development of guidelines and standards across a range of geotechnical areas. This presentation will provide an overview of the progressive development of this material to meet the needs of practice. It will highlight the strong collaboration between academia and practice that exists within New Zealand, the benefits of data sharing, the scoping of targeted research and the range of material that is now available to support the industry.